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Simulation and Testing

We have complete testing facility of conducting all the routine test as per Indian and international standards.

In house facility to test AC Transformers and Inductors upto 1200 Amps at full load, 1 phase and 3 phase @ 50hz.

Vertical winding machine for sizes upto 50 mm and thickness upto 10mm.

In house DC source upto 1500 Amps.

We have in-house facility for lamination strip cutting.

We have High Freq test facility to test 1 phase and 3 phase inductors upto 25 KHz and currents upto 100 Amps.

We have Yokogawa Power analyser to check losses precisely.

Chauin Arnoux Rogowski current sensors to measure high frequency and line frequency currents upto 3000 Amps.

We have Chauin Arnoux micro ohm meter specially suitable for Inductive components. For accurate temperature rise measurements and DC resistance measurements.

Rohde & Schwarz LCR meter for precise Inductance measurements for Inductors.